Every hobbyist wonders "do it yourself or buy it"? In the latter case then in logical consequence "1. where do I get the PCB?" - and - "2. what do I do with the remaining paid boards of the minimum order quantity for a production?" ... from this own "need", but also the "blessing" for other hobbyists on ebay started as "Hoesslin", meanwhile also renamed in "pcb4diy".

Here you will find unpopulated boards and accessories for DIY projects freely available on the Internet for everyone.

I am, unless otherwise noted, not the author of the respective projects and offer no assistance. I take the customer / hobbyist the own production of the board or the commissioning of a production of the board and offer ready-made boards for the respective projects as a service for sale.

My offer is directed "from hobbyists to hobbyists" in private usual quantities. Companies who want to use the DIY projects I refer to commercially, please contact the respective authors directly.

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